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Kathy and Bob's Pages

Who We Are

bob-kathy.jpgKathryn G. Ziese

Kathy is a native of Union City, New Jersey. She received her BS in Business Administration from Thomas A. Edison State College . She is a Federally-approved tax preparer, an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and an Active Member of the National Association of Tax Practitioners. Kathy is also a paralegal with 30 years of experience.

Kathy teaches "Tax Issues Involved in Starting and Running a Small Business" for the Prudential Young Entrepreneurs Program run by NJIT.

Robert J. Ziese

Bob was also raised in Union City, New Jersey. Bob received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering Magna cum lauda from Newark College of Engineering ( now New Jersey Institute of Technology ). He then worked towards an MBA in Finance at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Bob received his Juris Doctor degree from Seton Hall Law School (cum laude) and passed the New Jersey bar in 1976, and has been in active practice of law since then. Bob volunteers to serve as a Public Defender on Child Abuse and Neglect (DYFS) cases.

Bob ( Dr. Ziese on campus), is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Management at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He teaches Entrepreneurship: New Venture Management. You can view the course syllabus. Bob also teaches "Starting and Running a Small Business" for the Prudential Young Entrepreneurs Program run by NJIT.

Bob started in the computer business as a trainee operator on the Univac II at Metropolitan Life in 1960. Bob has been a systems engineer for IBM and GE. He has held marketing, sales, and management positions for COMNET, Xerox Computer Systems, Honeywell, Digital, and Compaq.

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Kathy and Bob's Pages

Professional Activities

Bob is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and the American Bar Association .He is a member and past vice-chair of the NJSBA's Internet & Computer Law Committee.
In his tasks of marketing to the US Army, Bob is active in AFCEA , and is a past president of the Industrial Representatives Association, Inc.
Bob has previously served as municipal parks and recreation director and has been a member of the coadjutant faculty of Rutgers University.

Kathy is an enrolled agent licensed to practice before the IRS. She is a member of the National Association of Tax Practitioners  and is an Accredited Tax Advisor of the Accreditation Council For Accountancy and Taxation.

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Kathy and Bob's Pages

Our Family
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Joseph, Kaitlyn, Tim, Donna, and Martin Ertl


Donna, our daughter, and our son-in-law Martin are the proud parents of 3 of our wonderful grandkids.   Donna has taken time out of her career to raise a family. Martin is a police officer. 

   Tim, Katie, and Joey are the oldest of our wonderful grandchildren. " If we knew grandchildren were so much fun, we would have had them first." Tim is 13 years old and is attending seventh grade. Tim is active in soccer and likes hockey and trains. Kaitlyn is 10 and in the fifth grade. She is a determined  and talented dancer. Joey is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. He learns quickly -- particularly bad things --- from his brother, sister, and grandpa.

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Sarah, Nathan, Nancy, and Kevin Ziese

              Our son Kevin and his wife Nancy are the proud parents of our youngest grandchildren, Nathan Kevin and Sarah Kathryn.They live in North Carolina.
Kevin graduated from SUNY at Brockport with a BS in Criminal Justice. He works as a Software Engineer for Industrial Financial Systems.  Kevin has become a homeowner and "do-it-yourselfer". He loves hockey, especially the NJ Devils, playing golf, and woodworking.

Nancy is a native of North Carolina. She graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BS in Criminal Justice. She worked as a Corporate Recruiter in the HR Dept. for Interpath Communications, but has taken time off to raise Nathan and Sarah. In her free time, she enjoys scrap booking, playing on the computer, and taking pictures.  Nancy's parent's own ComSoft . Check out their web page built by Kevin.

Nathan is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. He loves school, Tee Ball, and soccer. Sarah is 3 years old and in preschool. She can always get her own way by turning on the charm.


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The Five Grandchildren                  Our Latest Family Picture

See more photos on our Family Album Pages

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Kathy and Bob's Pages

Hobbies & Interests

Ballroom Dancing.

Dancing DucksWe are avid ballroom dancers and compete as an amateur couple in both smooth and latin styles. We are members of the US Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association.

Check out our dance competition photos.

Model Trains Locomotive

Bob has been a model railroader since 1957. His current model railroad is N-Guage (1/160 th) and fills 12 X 16 feet of the basement. Bob also has a set of large G-scale trains under the layout for the grandchildren. At Christmas 1998, we started Tim on his own set of Lionel trains. Great model railroad sites are Walthers and Model Railroader

Pictures of my N layout and Tim's O layout.

Sewing Sewing Machine
Kathy is a dedicated dressmaker who enjoys making clothes for herself and the grandchildren. She is studying pattern making and tailoring at Parson's School of Design in New York City.

Bob and Kathy are long-time do-it-yourselfers. With the aid of family and friends, they have built decks, porch enclosures, and additions on two houses.

Computers computer
Kathy and Bob are both heavy users of computers. We constantly seek new ways of doing things better. We currently have a Pentium 4/3GHz, a Pentium3/850 , and a laptop all with Windows XP Pro.

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Kathy and Bob's Pages

Our Furry Family
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Baron passed away on Labor Day 2005. He was almost 15 years old - well beyond the usual 10 year life of an English Setter. Known as the "English gentleman's walking dog", they are supposed to be calm and restrained. Of course, breeders don't tell you it takes 6 to 7 years before they become calm.






Quincy is our 9- year old English Cocker Spaniel. He is larger than an American Cocker, but smaller than a Springer. Quincy has slowed down as he has gotten older, but still regularly raids the wastebaskets.

Jessie & Gracie & Mittens

 Jessie, short for Jessica, was adopted from St. Hubert's Animal Shelter in August 2000. She is a red Tabbie who terrorizes everyone in the household with her unlimited energy.   See her pictures and her brother.


Gracie was adopted from the St. Hubert's Animal Shelter in May 1999. She is a Tortise Shell Calico color American Shorthair who has unlimited energy and curiosity. See early pictures of Gracie



Mittens Mittens was adopted from St. Hubert's Animal Shelter as a kitten. He appears to be part Siamese, but may really be a Ragdoll . His name comes from the fact that his front paws have extra toes.


Our Extended Furry Family

Tim's dog is Lucky. Lucky He is a Shepard mix adopted as a pup from a shelter. See early pictures of Lucky   


Jessie and Jesse

                    JesseJessie2   JesseJessie Our Jessie and Jesse, her black and white brother, were together at the shelter. Donna and Katie took Jesse and we took Jessie. They visit each other frequently.


Jordan & Marty

Kevin and Nancy have Jordan and Marty. They (the dogs) are warm and lovable.


Luke passed away in 2005. He too was a love.        Luke



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