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Bob's N-Scale layout (1:160 scale) is 12 x 16 feet.


The layout is set is New Jersey/ Eastern Pennsylvania in the Summer of 1959. That era allows a wonderful mix of steam and diesel power and a rich array of freight and passenger cars.



This is the view of Germantown. Old Germantown is in the distance, and the railroad yards are below.



An Alco DL109 pair of diesels pulling a set of streamlined passenger cars passes the Germantown station. An RDC-1 and a Central of NJ Alco RS-3 wait at the passenger platforms.







The Germantown Station viewed from the South.







The turntable at the Germantown yard. This Diamond Scale Models turntable turns and indexes to the proper track.

A Berkshire Steam loco at right awaits its trip on the table to go to the roundhouse. 

Pennsy Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners sit outside the roundhouse and at the fueling tower.

The water tower, sand house, ash pit, and coaling station are beyond the turntable.


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