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English Setter

Dogs descended from Spanish land spaniels that set game birds for the sportsmen's nets had been known in Britain since the 14th century, hence the name setter. It was not until 1825 when Edward Laverack began a program of selective breeding that anything had been done to standardize type among these dogs. Succeeding him was another breeder, Purcell Llewellin, who furthered the work of developing a breed that would perform well in the field and hold its own as a handsome show dog. These two breeders are credited with developing the elegant gundog that became known as the English Setter. The breed was well established in Britain and overseas before 1900. This is a handsome, affectionate sporting dog that comes in a variety of colors: solid white; black, orange, liver or lemon with white; and tricolor. The coat is straight and flat with feathering on ears, chest, legs, underbody and tail, but this should not be excessive. It needs regular brushing and some trimming to shape the feathering and neaten the outline. Average height for males is 25 inches at the shoulder; females stand 1 inch less. The breed makes a kind-tempered family pet.

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